Executive Functions (ADHD) Coaching

Ask Yourself…

  • Do you have trouble starting tasks?  Do you have trouble finishing tasks?
  • Are you often late for appointments?
  • Do you have problems prioritizing?
  • Is it difficult for you to carry out plans? Are you easily distracted?
  • Do you feel constantly disorganized?
  • Are you having trouble with your job? Are you having trouble moving forward in your career or business?
  • Are you feeling frustrated because it seems the same things keep getting in your way?
If this sounds all to familiar, I can help you.


If you feel that you struggle to fit in and get things done, whether it’s at school, home, or out in the world, ADHD coaching may be able to help you. As a child, I had few friends and was a compulsive talker. I always had trouble getting work done and getting along with people. As a result, I struggled with depression and anxiety. But when I was diagnosed with ADHD, I realized that I had a path forward. ADHD coaching helped me improve my life and realize my dreams both professionally and personally I have become a professionally certified ADHD and life coach so that I can help others. I still receive coaching to this day.


Time is the most precious resource any of us have, and for those of us struggling with our responsibilities and to do lists it can be a daunting resource. My time management training and executive coaching helps you focus on planning, organizing, goal setting, time management, prioritizing, task initiation, focus, shift/flexibility, working memory, self inhibition, emotional regulation and meta-cognition. Collectively, these skills are known as Executive Function skills and they’re the key to strong work/life balance and time management.

couples-coaching-adhdWhere One or Both Partners Are Affected by ADHD

For every couple, regardless of circumstance, unique dynamics can arise. Couples coaching is a way to help couples find positive answers to thorny and difficult situations. In couples coaching we look toward the better future, rather than dwell on the past. A major focus of couples coaching is communication. Often due to working memory issues, discussions/agreements that a couple has arrived at can often be overlooked later or forgotten altogether. We work on how to make the decisions and agreements stick. It is difficult, but certainly possible. Many of the other issues involved in couple coaching align with executive function issues, including organizing, goal setting, prioritizing, planning, time management, task initiation, memory, meta-cognition, self inhibition, emotional regulation, focus, and flexibility. During couples coaching, we develop successful solutions with which each individual feels comfortable. All great athletes have coaches; why wouldn’t a couple — one of the most important relationships a person can have — want coaching to help them to be the best team they can be? As with all teams, couples need a coach to help them navigate the playing field.   [TEST_B id=374] Save

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