Group coaching and training

Whether it is an already established group or a group of individuals brought together to receive coaching a more cost effective way. Group coaching has many benefits. It is an opportunity to share triumphs, struggles and new ways of doing things. A certified coach leads the group to keep on track and moving forward. There is great benefit in sharing, learning and accomplishing together.

How to Manage Your Time, Money and Mindset

This is a day-long small group workshop that starts with participants becoming clear about their roles, values and goals in life. A section on money management based on their newly clarified goals, values and roles in life. Next is a time management section to ensure the participants’ actions are in alignment with what they wish to achieve short and long term. How time is allocated has a direct effect on the speed in which goals are reached.

The final section of the workshop is devoted to mindset. Research has shown that the proper mindset is of tremendous importance to achieving our goals.

Upcoming workshops will be listed here and in the Abigail Wurf Coaching weekly newsletter.

Thank you so much! Your help was so accurate and efficient, and you increased my motivation, too.

Nancy M. Keene

New Hampshire

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Past webinars have included topics such as:

Time Management
Goal Setting
Task Initiation
Self Inhibition