I enjoy speaking to all sorts of groups on many subjects, especially about productivity, managing overwhelm, time management, executive function skills, and ADHD.

If you are interested in having me speak to your group or give a workshop to your group, organization or business, please contact me. I look forward to working with you.

My mission is to help people see that if they choose to, they can manage just about anything life throws at them.


Here are a few examples of the talks I give:

 ** Coming Soon – Purpose, Productivity, and Profitability **
How to Succeed If You Have ADHD or Just Feel Like You Do
Do you find that you’re busy but not getting stuff done? Are you missing deadlines? Always seem to be running late? Putting off planning? Are you starting to think you have ADHD or just feeling like you do?
Abigail Wurf has developed wonderful methods to help you overcome these problems. She shares stories of extreme ADHD and shows the everyday actions you can take to help you better manage and grow your business and yourself!


Time Management, or Managing Your Actions for Success
Are you having trouble managing your time? Are you so frustrated that you have ditched your calendar and now just get through the day as best you can?

Abigail Wurf knows how to get on better terms with time. She shares wonderful systems and techniques that align your actions with what’s most important to you and the success of your business. Abigail shows how to make time work for you.


Overcoming Obstacles
Have you hit a roadblock? Or are you just stuck in neutral, surviving but not as prosperous as you’d like to be? Abigail Wurf knows that the key to removing obstacles is moving from a deficit model of living to an ascension model. Abigail Wurf introduces the ascension model as a basis for taking action to deal with what is holding you back from reaching your potential.

Join Abigail as she shares anecdotes, stories, and some home truths about how to overcome obstacles and actualize possibilities that you may not even see.


The Secrets of Self-Direction
We live in a distracting world that requires self-direction and discipline to get things done. Abigail Wurf shares her systems and methods for getting the most out of each day. Delivering stories, anecdotes, and research-based systems with a side order of humor, Abigail helps business owners with focus and directing their actions their goals while decreasing stress and its impact on their personal lives.


How to Get Your Stuff Done When You’re Overwhelmed
Are you overwhelmed? Struggling to figure what to do first and next? Wondering how you are going to
get it all done? Are you good at starting but terrible at finishing? Or do you struggle to get started until the last minute?

Acclaimed ADHD coach Abigail Wurf spices up her non-sense approach with humor, helping you figure out how to start tasks, how to finish them, and how overcome self-doubt to move ahead confidently toward your goals.


Abigail’s stories and anecdotes, straightforward manner, and sense of humor motivates her clients to take action and deal with what is holding them back from living a more successful, happier life. Abigail Wurf, a professional certified coach, holds a master’s degree from Temple University and is author of Forget Perfect: How to Succeed in Your Professional and Personal Life Even If You Have ADHD.



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