Times are tough right now for many people financially. People affected by ADHD tend to struggle with money management. Either not tracking their money or impulse buying or both. During the pandemic there was an increase in online shopping. Online shopping can be dangerous for people affected by ADHD. It is so easy just to add to your online shopping cart.

The following are a few tips to help curb the impulse buying.

Buy in person instead of shopping online when you can. It takes effort to get out and about and you are more likely not to shop as much if you actually have to go out some place specific. Now there is a flaw in this plan in the sense that if you shop online you are saving gas money but if you can combine errands and if you use the idea of using up gas as a deterrent to going out in might help shopping in person.

Before you buy, you must get rid of something first. This way you are not endlessly accumulating more stuff. Also having to get rid of something before you buy something makes you stop and consider if you really want to buy something new. Sometimes we mindlessly shop but if before we do we decide what to get rid of it helps slow us down. Takes us off autopilot. Interrupts the impulse to buy.

Pay in cash. We rack up debt while charging and don‘t notice how much we are spending until it is time to pay the credit card bill.

Try to avoid payment plans. It tends to make you feel like you have more money than you do. Wait and save up for the item if it is not an emergency. By the time you save up the item might no longer be as appealing to you or necessary.

Wait 24 hours before actually buying. If you find something and put it in your shopping cart online wait 24 hours before you actually make the purchase. This interruption might discourage the impulsiveness of the buy.

Before you buy, contact someone you trust and discuss the pros and cons of the purchase to again interrupt the energy of impulse buying.

Start tracking your money if you are not already and create a realistic budget. Then mind that budget as you spend. If you over spend in one area you must find the money from another area. The goal should be to not carry unnecessary debt.