I have been coaching adults and adolescents affected by ADHD and people suffering from chronic pain or illness. Since I have been expanding my knowledge on ADHD and executive functions (organizing, prioritizing, planning, time management, shift/flexibility, emotional regulation, task initiation, self regulation, focus, goal setting and meta-cogition) I have found that I want to delve even further. So I will be discontinuing working with people suffering from chronic pain or illness and focusing more in depth on the ADHD and executive function skills.

By working with adults, couples and parents affected by ADHD I hope to continue to coach, educate and share. Furthermore, in regards to executive function (EF) skills I plan not only to use that developing information and ongoing research to help my clients but also to educate through presentations and workshop to others about EF skills. I believe the more people know about EF, the more successful they can be and also the more understanding they can be of others who may work differently.

For example, if I talked to a group of middle to senior people in an organization about EF skills they could leave the presentation and use the knowledge they learned about EF skills in their organization to raise productivity which would make them happy. But, in addition it might change how they work with their staffs and enable them to be open to different types of learners and thinkers, like people with ADHD.

I am interested in gaining wider acceptance of people like us who may not excel within the prescribed lines of society but are intelligent and have a lot to offer provided we are in an environment that allows us to flourish. By talking more openly about ADHD and executive function skills along with my coaching practice I hope to reach a broader audience because that will benefit us all.