ADHD/ADD and the word “intrinsically” are an important combination.  Someone with ADHD is more likely to get something done if it is intrinsically of interest to them. This doesn’t mean there may not still be a struggle but ultimately if something is of intrinsic interest to someone ADHD or not, they are more likely to do it.

This seems obvious, so why point it out? Well, many people with ADHD devalue any task that they are good at or is of intrinsic interest to them as being silly or unimportant. While, at the same time, put greater value on things that are hard for them or not naturally inclined to do. An example of this is in the jobs that ADHD people pursue. Many  seek jobs that are very detailed oriented, maybe a lot of paperwork,  when they should be seeking jobs that are focused on idea generation with someone else doing documentation.  Most important the job should be of intrinsic interest to them so that even the difficult parts are easier to do if they can’t be done by someone else.

In creating a positive ADHD life seek a life where the scale is weighted  heavily on the intrinsically interesting side. Remove as much as possible the intrinsically uninteresting and you will find more success and peace.