Like many people with ADHD do you pay late fees on your bills often? And you actually have the money to pay the bill at the time it is due. Have you gotten a ticket for not renewing your car registration on time even though you can do it online and you were sent a reminder?

You need help. There are some things you can automate but some bills and obligations may not be regular enough or they require some scrutiny before being paid.

But you don’t, won’t or can’t do it.

That is where a VA can come in. A VA is a Virtual Assistant whom you can hire to take care of these things for you so you don’t have to worry. Usually you pay them hourly and they either work independently or for a company of virtual assistants. You can do a search online for one or a good source is if you know someone who owns their own business. They might use a VA.

Now getting a VA or the idea of one may seem unnecessary but it could save your relationship or marriage! Why? Because many couples affected by ADHD wrangle about chores. One of the most common difficulties is who is going to pay the bills, make appointments and keep track of filings and registrations. Having a VA do it takes away not only the battle but the power issues that surround who manages the money day to day.  The big decisions can still be made jointly and the VA directed as to what to do. This takes away the possibility of the partner with ADHD acting impulsively or not at all. It also makes sure that the non-ADHD partner doesn’t become the caretaker and master of the financial threads in the fabric of the partnership.