Part 4: Getting Un-Stuck

This is the fourth installment in a series of blogs about my down-sizing and moving. Last time I talked about ADHD and resistance. Sometimes things get beyond resistance and become paralysis. You get stuck. A lot of people talk about ADHD and feelings of overwhelm. The overwhelm can cause you to stop moving forward. That is what happened to me. I got stuck not only with clearing out my stuff to prepare the condo to show but stuck elsewhere as well. I even stopped blogging for a couple of months.

I knew it was time to call in some help so in December I called in an organizer to help me mainly clear out my second bedroom which had basically become a storage room. I also had her and her associates help me with a few other areas in my condo. Now we didn’t clear out everything but got rid of enough stuff that the condo is now on the market.

Some of my clients have worked with organizers with mixed results. I found the experience helpful and successful and will work with them again in the future when the condo sells and I need to move since I will be down-sizing. I will write a separate blog post on working with organizers and how to maximize the experience.

What I want to communicate now is that I got stuck and when I realized I was not making progress I called in help. That is what we have to do when we get stuck. Get some support whether it is from friends, family, colleagues or professionals. Going it alone and remaining stuck can be detrimental to us and frustrating. Most people are willing to help out if you are clear and specific with what type of help you need. Don’t just say I need help but what kind of help. Don’t be embarrassed we all need help at different points in our lives. The key is to look for opportunities to reciprocate so you don’t always feel like you are the only one asking for help in a relationship.