As an ADHD coach I get a lot of calls from people wanting systems to solve their problems. Systems are great. They help us get things done. Until they don’t. Some might say systems don’t work for people affected by ADHD. That is not true.

They work differently. They work until they don’t. Usually because we get bored. The solution – change up your systems frequently. For example, you may create a system for cleaning your kitchen. Every Tuesday you clean your kitchen starting with cleaning out your refrigerator, then clean your stove top, counters, and sink. Then take out your garbage and finish with sweeping then mopping the floor.

Your system works for awhile then you get bored with it and stop. That is when you need to change the system up. Changing it or adding something to it. For example, you could add listening to a podcast while cleaning or instead of doing all the tasks on Tuesday to do a kitchen task a day. Whatever you decide. What is important is that you change enough that the experience feels different. Then start doing your new system.

After a while you will probably have to change it again to keep it fresh for you.  I realize this is a pain but if your system fails to work you need to change it unless you can find someone else to do the task for you.

Sometimes you find a system that works and you are able to keep doing for a long period of time. That is golden. Enjoy that system. Try to analyze why you can stick with it. Why it has lasted a long time. Model your other systems after it if you can.

When creating a new system maybe write it down so you have a list you can check off as you do the different steps. Checking off a list can be very satisfying and help with momentum.