Two clients this week made the same observation. After I asked them questions that forced them to think out loud they said they knew what to do about issues that had been concerning them prior to the coaching session.

It struck me both times that often we know the answers to our questions if we are given an opportunity to think out loud. To put a voice to our concerns often helps us to start perceiving solutions or at least actions we can take toward resolving those concerns.

It is helpful to have someone like a coach to share your thoughts with but sometimes that is not possible. When struggling with an issue the simple act of saying your concern out loud often leads to some relief. Just getting your issue out there for someone else to hear can break up the thought loop that often occurs when we are struggling with something. I liken thought loops to hamster wheels – the same thoughts going around and around with no end in sight. Stating your thoughts out loud can disrupt the thought loop at least temporarily.

People affected by ADHD can get easily overwhelmed with repetitive thoughts. Stopping to talk about them sometimes calms us down and enables us to get past the paralysis overwhelm can cause. It is often during this process that we begin to think of options and actions we can take by ourselves or if need be with the help of others.

Next time you have a concern that is overwhelming you talk it out. Whether with a coach, a counselor or a friend, talking things out forces us to slow down, interrupt our thought loops and see new options.