Finding and keeping friends can be hard for people with ADHD for many reasons.  Some of these include a tendency to interrupt when others are speaking; lack of follow-up or follow-through; constantly being late; inability to provide undivided  attention to another person; and the existence  of co-morbidities like depression or OCD.

To meet other people, really push yourself to get involved with activities that play to your strengths.  If after you get to know somebody, a problem arises, apologize, explain and together seek compromises that play to your assets, not your weaknesses.  Don’t make make promises you can’t possibly keep, like “I will never be late again.”  One example of a good compromise is to have your friend call to remind you when to leave for an activity together.  Your compromise is to thank them for the call and leave immediately.

A coach can help you brainstorm about possible activities you might get involved in to meet other people and what to do if issues arise.  Also, how to help you move from that meet and greet stage to friendship stage in a smooth and easy manner.  We, ADHD people, tend to sometimes barrel right in  when a more circumspect approach would be the best method.