As an ADHD coach, I work with many professionals and small business owners who struggle both in their work lives and personal lives. What has become clear to me is many of us affected by ADHD believe deep down in our most private thoughts that we are missing the secret handbook, the manual, on how to manage work and life that those without ADHD have.

But here is the truth: there is no secret handbook. Everyone with or without ADHD is pretty much making it up as they go along. Life is complicated for everyone. Our lives just happen to include difficulties with some, or all, executive function skills, such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, goal setting, time management and task initiation, among others.

In fact, sometimes people without ADHD have difficulty with some of these executive functions, though often not in the prolonged, persistent way we do. Aside from that, they are just like us, improvising and dealing with life as it comes.

We sometimes forget this and feel left out of the game of life because we never got the secret to success that everyone else did. But, we now know this is not true, so there is absolutely no reason to not fully participate in the game. You can do it! Through ADHD coaching, I help people everyday revitalize their lives.

Coaching, like anything, only works if the participant is ready and committed. Similarly, your life, both professional and personal, only works if you are entirely engaged, showing up and getting involved.

Don’t hide behind the idea that having ADHD means you lack something essential and holds you back. Only we can hold ourselves back. Live large, ADHD and all, because there is only one you, and you shouldn’t deprive the world of your uniqueness.