ADHD: Try Saying Yes

One of the ways we hold back change is to say “No.” We say “No” to possible new experiences. We say “No” to opportunities that might be challenging to us. We say “No” to situations that might threaten our belief system and point of view.

When we say “No,” we lose.

Why? Because change is constant and by saying “No” we are not moving forward. We are stagnant while the world keeps moving and changing around us.

But what if we started saying “Yes?” What would happen to our lives if we said “No” less and said “Yes” more?

Change would happen.

Our lives would change, our hearts would change and maybe even some of our beliefs would change. The more we say “Yes” the more “flow” we would experience. “Flow” is when everything is working right and you are in the moment and your best self.

As people affected by ADHD, we wrestle with impulsivity. Saying “Yes” is different than impulsivity. Saying “Yes” more often in your life is to embrace change and the future with your arms opened wide. It is about letting go of fear of what might happen to anticipating what might happen.

Saying “Yes” more means showing up in life, something that at times is hard for us to do. So the next time opportunity knocks, try not to say the “No” that is automatically at the tip of your tongue. Instead give a resounding “Yes” and prepare for your adventure.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. – Carl Rogers

Abigail Wurf, PCC, M.Ed helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners affected by ADHD and/or Executive function issues achieve success in business and in life. Located in Washington DC, Abigail works with clients in person, over the phone and over the Internet. Her new book, “Forget Perfect: How to Succeed in Your Profession and Personal Life Even if You Have ADHD,” is loaded with tips to help overwhelmed people get things done and be more strategic about how to live their lives. To receive a free consult from Abigail, make a request through the contact form and she will get back with you to schedule.