People with ADHD are more likely to loose their job a couple of times in their careers than people without ADHD statistically. It may never be you, but it might be.

Their are many jobs that people with ADHD do well in such as emergency medicine, sales or fire fighting. This is because many people with ADHD do well under pressure and are actually at their best in high pressure situations. A job with some sort of thrill factor helps many people with ADHD perform better.

It is the mundane side of jobs that many people with ADHD find so difficult. They have trouble activating themselves to get things like monotonous paperwork done.

The key is to carry the momentum from the thrill activities over to the not so thrilling activities if possible. This is why ADHD coaching can help people find and keep their jobs. There are of course no guarantees and ultimately it is up to the individual to keep and get their own job. But an ADHD coach has experience helping people to find ways of dealing with the monotony of the more tedious aspects of a job.

Sometimes the answer is to make a game of the activity or time yourself. The answer may be to try and trade, re-negotiate or delegate different tasks. The best answer is to try to settle on a career in the first place that plays to your strengths more than your weaknesses.

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