The following are some basic questions that you might have about ADHD/ADD coaching.  For the sake of simplicity I will simply refer to ADHD/ADD as ADHD which is now considered the all inclusive term.

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD coaching is when the client with ADHD or symptoms associated with ADHD seeks out the services of a coach who specializes in working with people with ADHD. Coaching helps the ADHD client develop a more structured and goal oriented life.  The coach can help the client work on executive functioning skill (see website for definition of executive function). Learn about ADHD and how to manage their life better.

How often does the coaching happen?

Usually ADHD coaching happens one session a week, especially in the beginning. Coaching can happen every other week or once a month.  The frequency of the coaching is really up to you as you are the client.

How long does a coaching session last?

Usually a coaching session lasts 30 minutes to an hour depending on the coach and the client. Different coaches have different packages of set amounts of times while other coaches are flexible or base the time on the client’s preference.

Where does the coaching take place?

The coaching takes place in person, over the phone, skype and email.  It all depends on the coach and how they work and what you want.

What role does ADHD coaching play in a family or couple?

An ADHD coach takes the responsibility out of the hands of the spouse or parents to constantly monitor the ADHD behavior so that they can just be a spouse or a parent and not have to play the duel roles of  loved one and “enforcer/monitor” which begins to become a negative experience for both the ADHD member of the family and the parent or spouse.  It allows everyone to play their natural roles and maintain positive relationships rather than relationships filled with nagging, conflict and/or disappointment .

Why do I need ADHD coaching?

Having ADHD can be hard.  All your life you have been told that you are lazy, impulsive, unfocused, forgetful and/or unmotivated.  You may have even begun to feel you aren’t very smart.  Your life may feel chaotic and unstructured.  Well, in coaching we assume that all clients are whole, competent and creative people.  An ADHD coach will help you create more structure in your life which will result in you having the ability to conquer some of the disabilities associated with ADHD.  You will have someone on your side when you encounter roadblocks to help navigate through them.  What is key is that by having a coach expert in ADHD they understand the issues that confront you daily and are trained to coach to those issues.

How do I pick an ADHD coach?

First make sure the coach has ADHD specific training and ask what that is and that they have general life coach training as well (this adds a good balance.)  Find out what populations the coach serves – children, adolescents and /or adults.  Ask how they conduct their sessions – in person, over the phone, skype and/or email.  Decide if the way they communicate is the right format for you and if they are flexible about it.  Many ADHD coaches, myself included provide free daily checks-ins or calls between sessions, check the coach’s policy on that.  Call around and chat with different coaches to see who you feel comfortable with.  You want to find someone who you have a good connection with.  The most important thing to remember is that you are the consumer in this relationship.