In January, the first official meeting of the DC ADHD Support Group for adults met on January 9th at the Tenleytown Library in northwest Washington DC.  On January 18th, the DC ADHD Family and Friends of ADHDers Support Group met for the first time also at the Tenleytown Library, this is an adult group too.  The topic for both groups was Getting Organized for 2012.

Organization is one of the most challenging difficulties that people with ADHD and their families contend with.  Whether it is organizing one’s room, one’s day, a project or a vacation.  People with ADHD run into many stumbling blocks.  First, and foremost is how and where to start.  Prioritizing comes into play which is also often a weakness for people with ADHD.  If you don’t know where to start and what is most important, it is hard to organize yourself to begin any project or job that involves organization.  And most things in this life involve organizing at some level.

The next meetings in February are on Relationships – Social/Familial/Personal Interactions.  The DC ADHD Support Group will meet on February 6th.  The DC Family and Friends of ADHDers will meet on February 8th.

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