Are You Obsessed with Office and Organizational Products? I know I am. It has gotten better but I used to buy too many office products and organizational tools. I think it is all about hope. If only we could find that truly perfect office supply or organizational product. So perfect that it would solve all of our problems.

Unfortunately, that is not likely. We often think if we had one more item to aid us our problems with productivity and organization would be solved. Instead we keep accumulating stuff!

Aside from the hope a new item might generate, our ability to stay organized and productive is also a way to procrastinate. Time is taken up by finding that “just right” product that will solve our problems. Time we could be using just to get whatever needs to be done – done.

This also applies to non-organizational and office supplies. Have you caught yourself spending time hunting for just the right item to help you solve a problem when you could just activate yourself and do the work to solve the problem without a special tool?

Granted we sometimes need things to accomplish things but we must be careful not to be acquiring things that solve just one problem that you could have solved without it. Next time you think you need to buy something to get started on a task. Stop yourself for a moment to question if this is not simply a way of procrastinating. Try some creative problem solving or motivational exercises and then get to work.