Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself? Most of us probably do and most of us probably don’t even realize that we do. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that cause us to live at “less than” our true potential.

Aside from being an ADHD coach, author and speaker, I fall under the classification of entrepreneur. I work for myself, am responsible not only to my clients but to support myself and pay the people I hire to help me out. Basically the buck stops here.

A lot of the things I am learning as an entrepreneur transfer into helpful insights regarding my most important role – helping people affected by ADHD move forward in their lives.

Just as my clients need forward movement, so does a business to survive. I have heard it said many a time that mindset is everything in business and to some extent it is true. It is even more true for people affected by ADHD. A subset of mindset is limiting beliefs. 

I bumped into some of my limiting beliefs this week while trying to make a big decision. Usually. I am good at making big decisions. I figure – get as much info as possible, as soon as possible, and make your decision early. That way if it is a bad decision you still have time to fix it as best you can. When I was confronted about a big opportunity this week I discovered that I have limiting beliefs as to how far I can go as an “expert.” The opportunity meant playing in a much bigger and more public sandbox. I didn’t realize that my belief in myself didn’t go quite that far at this point.

So I have to make a decision. Do I ignore my limiting beliefs that I am not “good enough, deserving enough…” you know the drill. I need to stretch myself to erase thoughts that are holding me back, holding my life back and ultimately holding back my opportunities to be of service. 

Do you have limiting beliefs? Are you being held back from achieving what you wish to in life because you don’t believe in yourself?