Schedule: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 – 7pm to 9:30pm ET and Sat, Mar 1, 2014 – 9am to 5:30pm ET in Washington, DC

What if you could manage your time better?

What would happen if you got a really strong handle on planning your day and even planning your future?

What about regulating and managing your emotions in the moment with flexibility?

What would it be like to be more perceptive about what people around you are feeling and thinking?

What if you understood how your memory worked so that you could cultivate it?

If these things interest you and you want to increase your skill come to “Get a Grip VIP Days.”

Join ADHD coach Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, CLC, and meet with like minded people in a small group for a journey that covers time management, planning (short and long-term), memory, emotional regulation, flexibility/shift and metacognition (understanding the people around you and yourself in that context.) Leave with your own long and short term plans, most importantly you will have the skills to see those plans through in the midst of your everyday life with the competing needs of everyone around you. Learn not only how to make “the plans” but also the soft skills to see them through.