As an ADHD coach and consultant, I help professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners move forward and achieve success in their professional and personal lives. Therefore, I have many ways of helping people get things done, take action even when they either don’t want to or don’t know what actions to take and when they are so overwhelmed that paralysis sets in.

You might think that this would result in me being always able to take action, get things done and never feel overwhelmed. That would be so very false.

openbookLast Wednesday the manuscript of my book was due to my copy editor. I have been working on the book since July 2014, 8 months. And some of the material had already been written before I even had the idea for the book. So I had a good jumpstart when I began.

Do you think I got the manuscript in on Wednesday?

That would be a no.


Also, a no.


Yes, under threats by my copy editor that I would miss having any books at my first book festival if I didn’t get the manuscript to her by Friday. What is the point of paying to have a booth at a book festival without having any books?

How did I manage to suddenly get the manuscript done?


When the threat came of not having my book for the book festival, the reality of a true deadline became clear resulting in pressure. Pressure stimulates the brain that gets the chemicals pumping. The chemicals help us focus, once focused we are able to take action.

Question: Are there ways when you need to get something done and are struggling that you can simulate the formula above to get you moving?

Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, PCC

ADHD and Executive Functions Coach

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