Why hire an ADHD coach? To move you forward in your life!

coachclientteamADHD coaching starts from where you are in your life and looks to the goals you wish to achieve in life, long-term, medium-term or even short-term.

If you are not sure of your goals, you can hire an ADHD coach to help you figure out what those goals are.  ADHD coaching supports you in what you wish to do. You set the agenda. The coach helps you pursue that agenda.

You might ask how does an ADHD coach do that?

The coach helps you change habits, develop systems, develop new habits, work on how you make choices, helps you get unstuck when you are stuck, when to simplify because life is getting in the way and if you wish, accountability. These are just some of the things you can do with an ADHD coach.

Why my tagline?

helpinghandsMy new tagline is “A Helping Hand to Move You Forward.” That is what my coaching is all about, giving a little hand up when you need it but you initiate, guide and work through the process of coaching.

Are you thinking of hiring an ADHD coach?

The fact that you are reading this blog says you might be interested in investigating hiring a coach that specializes in ADHD. If so, what has brought you to the conclusion that ADHD coaching is a possibility for you? What questions do have about hiring an ADHD coach?



Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, CLC

ADHD and Executive Functions Coach

Abigail Wurf works with adults, couples and parents affected by ADHD or executive function issues (see definition below) in a coaching and/or consulting capacities. Her clientele also includes college and graduate students struggling to make it through their programs.

She conducts workshops and speaking presentations on executive function issues such as productivity, planning, prioritizing, goal setting, time management, task initiation, emotional disregulation, focus, meta-cognition, working memory, self inhibition and flexibility/shift.

Abigail’s work also includes presentations on ADHD, specific executive functions or theories of executive functions, invisible disabilities, resiliency and motivation.