Hiring an ADHD Coaching: Resources: Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, PCC

The last two blogs have been about ADHD coaching. Next I thought it would be helpful to know how to find ADHD coaching.

Hiring an ADHD Coach

You’re ready for ADHD coaching, but don’t know how or whom to hire? First, strike while the iron is hot. Don’t put it off. When you know you are ready, start looking immediately before the notion becomes less immediate.

Get a Personal Recommendation, If Available

A good way to hire an ADHD coach is through a personal recommendation from a doctor, therapist, social worker, fellow person affected by ADHD or someone else who knows you. But often that is not possible. The following are the steps to take to find ADHD coaches.

Selecting and Vetting from Listings of Coaches

You can find websites that list ADHD coaches. The most well- known listings are provided below. You’ll find ADHD coaches usually listed under “resources” or “support.”


The ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) is a professional organization for ADHD coaches. (I think this is the best site because to be a professional member you must have a prescribed minimal level of training in coaching and ADHD coaching; full disclosure, I am on their board of directors.) The downside of the ACO listing is that it is not large.


CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) is the largest ADHD organization and also has a coach listing. There are no criteria to be listed. As with all the listing sites, coaches pay to be listed.


ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) is an organization specifically devoted to adults with ADHD. I have noticed recently that they are expanding to reach out to the college student population.


Additude is a quarterly print magazine (at the time of this writing) with a digital weekly magazine. Their website has a resource directory listing coaches. Coaches can pay for highlighted listings, which means they are not necessarily better than the other coaches listed.

Next blog will be about how to interview and hire an ADHD coach.


Abigail Wurf, PCC, M.Ed helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners affected by ADHD and/or Executive function issues achieve success in business and in life. Located in Washington DC, Abigail works with clients in person, over the phone and over the Internet. Her new book, “Forget Perfect: How to Succeed in Your Profession and Personal Life Even if You Have ADHD,” will been out mid May 2015. To receive a free consult from Abigail, make a request through the contact form and she will get back to you to schedule.