I was backing out of a parking space in a parking lot and I was about a foot out when loud honking started. I looked and discovered a car also backing out at the same time. Now I had checked my mirrors and luckily I always back out slowly so I was able to stop easily in time.

The location of the other car must have been in my blindspot because I checked carefully all my mirrors before backing out. In my mind I had done what I was supposed to do – check all my mirrors – waited until everything was clear behind me. None-the-less the other car and I almost collided.

This event made me think when I got back to my office. You can be doing everything right and still have blindspots that are holding your success back. Often these blindspots are simple to spot if we slow down and think about what we are about to do and why we believe we should do it. Take a moment to think what else is pending and then be pro-active so that nothing sneaks up on you unexpectedly.