How to Find an ADHD Coach

1. Search by location

2. Directories

3. Referral

1. Search by Location

Simply google your location plus ADHD Coaches.

ex. Washington DC ADHD Coaches

2. Directories

There are specific coaching directories that list ADHD coaches. Usually you can search them by geographic area, specialty, population coached and more.

Some of the best known ADHD coaching directories include: – This is a directory done by the professional organization for ADHD coaches called the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO). Want makes this list valuable is that while members pay to be listed (like almost all the lists) they must show that they have credentials and what they are in order to be listed as a professional coach. In others words it is an adjudicated list. – This is probably the best known ADHD website in the U.S.. CHADD has a resource center (The NRC – National Resource Center on ADHD.) It sponsors CHADD groups that meet in various locales across the country that allows people affected by ADHD to meet, talk and learn about ADHD. They also put on an Annual conference. Anyone can pay to be listed as an ADHD coach. So while it has a lot of coaches listed, as with many of these directories, coaches pay to be on the list and their credentials, if they have any, are not evaluated like the ACO list. – Is an organization focused on adults with ADHD. They also have a directory that coaches pay to be on. They also produce a lot of information on ADHD like CHADD does. – Like the others listed, coaches pay to be on the list and are not evaluated.

Except for the ACO directory, their is no evaluation of the coaches. You do not have to be certified to call yourself a coach. Anyone can say they are a coach in the U.S. so you might want to ask if they are a credentialed coach and preferably credentialed by the ICF – International Coaches Federation which in the biggest certifying coach organization and is a leader in the field.

3. Referrals

The best way to find out about an ADHD coach is by referral. If you know someone who has used an ADHD coach and benefited from it – that is your best bet in finding an ADHD coach for yourself. Another good way to get a referral if you don’t know anyone who has worked with an ADHD coach is to call local universities. Usually their learning disability centers have a list of coaches they recommend. Also Psychiatrists and Psychologists can refer you, although some psychologists also consider themselves coaches .


Make sure to interview them. See my article “How to choose an ADHD coach” for questions to ask and what to expect.

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