Sometimes to be more successful at our jobs we need a little support but don’t want to reveal we are affected by ADHD. A way to manage this is to tie our requests with increased productivity. Supervisors and bosses love increased productivity. At least most do!

To go about this figure out why you are struggling at work. Try to get clear on what specific changes would improve your productivity and success at work. Try to find the most benign solutions possible – meaning causing as little disruption as possible at your work place.

For example, let’s say your job is full of long-term projects and you are finding it difficult to complete them on time. In this case maybe it is a matter of presenting to your boss or supervisor a plan of when you are going to do what and tie the deadlines to check-in meetings that are brief but puts the pressure on you to get the project done in increments instead of one long slog.

Let’s say you struggle with focusing at a job with an open floor plan layout. A possible solution is to ask if you can use the conference room when not reserved to be able to have a non-distracting and quiet environment.

Another way to increase your productivity if you are struggling to get your work done is to find an accountability partner. Someone you check in with and state what you are going to accomplish and when. Commit to it. You can reciprocate to your partner because it can help a lot of people get their work done more efficiently when they are in regular contact with their accountability partner. I have one and I talk with her every Monday morning.

The best solutions are ones that inconvenience people the least but have a high return on productivity and completion of your work. Think about ways that can help you solve some of your struggles at work and try to find a solution or support that is minimally intrusive to your boss.