How to Select an ADHD Coach for ADHD Coaching:

Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, PCC

Step 1:

  • Search the ADHD coach listings (see previous blog for suggestions) for the right type of coach for you. If you are interested in seeing a coach in person, rather than by phone or Skype, your first criterion likely will be location. If you prefer the phone, Skype, or there is not a coach in your immediate area, then the first criterion could be what the coach specializes in. (Some coaches may only work over the phone or Skype.) 

  • Review the listings and pick at least 3 coaches. 

  • Go to the coaches’ websites to learn more about them. Look at the 
information rather than just the design of the website. 

  • Talk with a minimum of three coaches to get a sense of them and whether 
you can work with and trust them. (Each site will either have a contact link, 
phone number, or both.) 

  • Take notes about each coach you research and talk to so you can make an 
informed decision. 

Step 2:

The following is the information you want to find out from their website and during your conversations with them.

Who They Work With

  • What populations do they have experience ADHD coaching? Adults, adolescents, college students, couples, parents, etc.
  • Do they have specific training with said populations?

Training and Education

  • What is their coach training?

  • What is their ADHD coach training?

  • Do they continue their ADHD coaching education?

Coaching Philosophy

  • What is their philosophy about ADHD?

  • What is their philosophy about ADHD coaching?

Experience and Programs

  • How long have they been ADHD coaching? 

  • Aside from one on one ADHD coaching, do they have other programs? 

  • If it matters to you, ask how they got involved with ADHD coaching, i.e. have 
ADHD themselves, parent of someone affected by ADHD, retired teacher, 

  • Are they a member of any professional organizations such as the International 
Coaches Federation (ICF)? Any ADHD specific organization? This means they have agreed to certain ethical standards and likely have an interest in professional development. 

Working with Clients

  • Are they immediately available for new clients? 

  • What are the days and hours they see clients? 

  • What are the costs for one on one coaching? Do they charge per session or 
do they have packages such as three months or 6 sessions? 

  • What comes with sessions or packages of sessions such as unlimited emails between sessions?
  • What methods of payment do they take? 

  • When does the client pay? 

  • What are their policies for cancellations or re-scheduling?
  • How long are the actual sessions? 

If you are considering a coach you would see in person, ask about transportation. Is public transportation near them, or is parking available where they are located? And also ask about issues of accessibility if you have any issues that impede your ability to see them.

Step 3:

Finally, do you feel like you connected with the coach while talking with them? It is important that the two of you are able to build a rapport on which to develop a relationship. Within reason don’t let price be the deciding factor. Pricing is usually related to the experience, training, credentials and level of success the coach has with clients. Therefore hiring the cheapest coach may actually cost you more in the end because you don’t move a long as quickly so you end up hiring the coach for a longer period of time. Also, if there is not a certain level of chemistry between you and the prospective coach, even the most experienced and expensive coach will not be the best fit for you.

Hopefully ADHD coaching will be life changing so it is important that you do due diligence before making a decision.

Abigail Wurf, PCC, M.Ed helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners affected by ADHD and/or Executive function issues achieve success in business and in life. Located in Washington DC, Abigail works with clients in person, over the phone and over the Internet. Her new book, “Forget Perfect: How to Succeed in Your Profession and Personal Life Even if You Have ADHD,” will been out mid May 2015. To receive a free consult from Abigail, make a request through the contact form and she will get back to you to schedule.