In January many people make resolutions. I am not a big fan of making resolutions. I like intentions better than resolutions.

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. An intention is an aim or a plan. To me intentions provide flexibility enough to move and grow with you as things in life inevitably change and grow. Resolutions seem pass/fail to me. You either lost the 12 pounds or you didn’t. Whereas an intention to begin creating a healthier lifestyle has many facets and opportunities for success. If you lose 12 pounds that great but it is more important to be intentionally living a healthier lifestyle.

In coaching we talk about holding our client’s agenda. There are little agendas and big agendas. Little agendas are the small picture things and are of the moment. Big agendas are the big picture of living a fulfilling life, a life in balance and being present.

Often resolutions are little agenda items and intentions are big agenda items. I believe if you are working with intentions you are working toward the big picture of living a balanced fulfilling life. I also believe that if you are working on the big picture it will affect the little pictures of life. They will begin to take care of themselves.

Now to the idea that you begin in January. Resolution creating tends to happen more in January. I think two things are in play here. We get more introspective during the holidays and subject to marketing surrounding the idea of the new year – the new start. That is all fine but limiting. I want to be creating and living intentions throughout the year so that I can be responsive to the changes in my life and the lives of others during the year. This creates a perpetual growth cycle.

As I mentioned intentions are about aims and plans. All aims and plans need to be revisited periodically to respond to the changing world. In December I often plan the year coming up for my ADHD coaching business. But I also plan again at least in June or July, and often if I remember in March or April and in September. I simply know more each time I revisit my plans. I can get rid of things that are not working and take on new opportunities.

Whether it is January or another month big picture intentions are important. It gives you direction which helps you to move your life forward. Revisiting those intentions periodically to see if they need revision or to be thrown out completely and others developed is key.