I told one of my clients a secret that I don’t think I have ever shared with anyone. I don’t even think my family is aware of it. Actually to be honest, it is a secret fear, a ridiculous one but none-the-less a very real one to me.

Occasionally this client, who has also become a friend, comes to her sessions with me after grocery shopping and I let her put in anything that will spoil in my fridge during our session (she does double sessions so she is here for 90 minutes instead of the regular 45 minutes) so she has seen the contents of my fridge more than once.

When she saw that I always have a lot of eggs on hand she offered to pick up some organic eggs when she goes to the farmer’s market on the weekend. I told her not to bother but being the kind person she is, she insisted it would be no bother.

It was at this point I had to either be rude or reveal my long held secret. Owing to the fact that this client/friend is such a special person, I went with the truth and it has set me free. I am scared of cracking open organic eggs. Actually, I am even a little nervous cracking open eggs in general.

My fear is that I will find a dead baby chicken. Just thinking about that gives me the willies.

Why am I nattering on about all this?

We all have fears that we are, yes, fearful of revealing because they make no sense, are not logical or would not hold up under examination in terms of consistency of actions, thoughts or beliefs.

This is OK. They don’t have to make sense.

Also, we don’t have to be talked out of them by some “helpful” person. Granted it is not great to hold on to erroneous information or be trapped by fear. If the issue has no great impact on how you interact with the world, meaning it is not detrimental to moving forward in your life, what does it matter if I am scared of organic eggs?

Now, if I was scared to fly or go to a hospital that would be another matter because it would inhibit me from getting medical help in an emergency or getting across country to say good by to a dying relative who has little time.

Sometimes having little peccadillos, oddities, or benign fears simply contribute to who we are and/or reveal more about us.

So maybe when you come across a person who has a silly fear of organic eggs, instead of trying to logically talk them out of that fear, think about what that fear may reveal about them. It may even give you insights to positive attributes about the person that up to that point you had not discovered.

What does being scared of an organic egg might me about me? What might your little odd fears mean about you? What can information like this teach you? How is it that some weaknesses actually reveal strengths?