People affected by ADHD need to:


Preset your Mindset to Positive – You will Be Amazed Who You Become


People affected by ADHD can sometimes get in their own way by projecting into the future what they think is going to happen or what a situation is going to be and thereby making it a self fulfilling prophecy. If you think something is going to go bad, it usually does!


Instead people like us, affected by ADHD, should Preset Our Mindset. Presetting your mindset is anticipating things will go your way or at least will go a way that is manageable for you. As they say, the mind is a powerful thing. So let’s use our minds for good and anticipate positively not negatively.


Maybe we go negative because that way we feel we won’t be let down. We are preparing ourselves for disappoint because that is some how easier to expect and get than to be let down when expecting satisfaction. It is as though we feel we will “lose face” if we go positive and things end up negative. Whereas if we start at negative and things turn negative we can say, “I told you so.”


It is safe to be that “I told you so” person. There is no risk involved but it is not a very attractive person to be. Preset your mindset to anticipating things will go your way, expect the best, being a part of making things happen in a positive way. If things seem like they are going down hill, don’t be a part of the group that stands by and says, “I told you so.” Try to be a part of the group that has the positive mindset, who take risks, and try to make things better.


Think of the positive mindset that many people of the past and present who we believe were affected by ADHD like entrepreneurs, statesmen, presidents, warriors, inventors, the list could go on but I believe you get the point. These people had to be of a positive mindset because if you believe you can create change that all those occupations require, than you are of a positive mindset at some level because the act of change or to use another word “creation” is a positive act.


There is a name for people with positive mindsets and are action takers – leaders and the others who don’t are called followers. Who do you want to be?



Abigail Wurf, PCC, M.Ed helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners affected by ADHD and/or Executive function issues achieve success in business and in life. Located in Washington DC, Abigail works with clients in person, over the phone and over the Internet. Her new book, “Forget Perfect: How to Succeed in Your Profession and Personal Life Even if You Have ADHD,” is loaded with tips to help overwhelmed people get things done and be more strategic about how to live their lives. To receive a free consult from Abigail, make a request through the contact form and she will get back to you to schedule.