As someone affected by ADHD, when I take a risk people often think I am acting impulsively. People affect by ADHD often do have impulsivity issues but that is not what is going on. Decision-making is what’s going on.

The difference is it is early decision-making.

I have a theory – taking a long time to make a decision, ending up making it at the end of the “time period” you are putting your self in a precarious situation as a opposed to making an early quick-ish decision which allows room for recourse if necessary.

My reasoning is two-fold. First, if the decision is a bad one if you have made the decision early you have time to do triage. You may not be able to totally salvage the situation but some salvaging is better than a total loss. It you decision was made at the end of the “time period” and it turns out to be a disaster there is no time to re-coup.

Secondly, I believe in most instances we have a pretty good idea as to what we want to do fairly early on. Once we have checked the numbers, the results or whatever constellation facts available to us we know which way we are leaning. That direction is usually the direction we end up going in the end regardless how long we wait. Ditch the wait. Make the decision. The result being a cushion if it is the wrong decision to have at least some movement or room to if not fix it at least lesson the blow.

Quick decision-making is not impulsivity if it has balanced reasoning behind it. It is actually decisiveness.

Abigail Wurf, PCC, M.Ed helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners affected by ADHD and/or Executive function issues achieve success in business and in life. Located in Washington DC, Abigail works with clients in person, over the phone and over the Internet. Her new book, “Forget Perfect: How to Succeed in Your Profession and Personal Life Even if You Have ADHD,” is loaded with tips to help overwhelmed people get things done and be more strategic about how to live their lives. To receive a free consult from Abigail, make a request through the contact form and she will get back with you to schedule.