As an ADHD coach I am often contacted by people looking for resources regarding ADHD. There are some great organizations that provide information and resources for those affected by ADHD.

One of the best known is CHADD ( Founded in 1987 as a resource for parents with children affected by ADHD, CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) now serves the entire ADHD community through education, advocacy and resources for getting support when ADHD affects you or your family. CHADD’s mission is to improve the lives of people with ADHD. Aside from the national staff office just outside Washington DC, CHADD has chapters and volunteers across the country as well as a strong digital presence with many publications.

Another organization is ADDA ( ADDA stands for Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Focused towards adults affected by ADHD, ADDA provides education and resources for the ADHD community. Their mission statement is:

“The Attention Deficit Disorder Association provides information, resources and networking opportunities to help adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder lead better lives.

We provide hope, empowerment and connections worldwide by brining together science and the human experience for both adults with ADHD and professionals who serve them.”

ADDA also has a strong digital presence and does many webinars on issues related to living with ADHD. Like CHADD, ADDA works with many experts to bring the best information and resources to the ADHD community.

The ADHD Coaches Organization ( ) known as the ACO, is a professional organization for ADHD coaches. It is relevant because like CHADD and ADDA, on the ACO website is directory of ADHD coaches. All three websites have directories where you can look up by location or specialty ADHD coaches. What is nice about the ACO listing is that it is adjudicated. Meaning, in order to be listed you must have a certain level of ADHD coach training.

ADDitude Magazine ( ) a website and magazine that publishes extensively on ADHD. They offer tests, tools, information and webinars on ADHD. ADDitude also has a directory of ADHD coaches.