Sometimes the first step in a process is not possible. Maybe you don’t understand the first step or don’t have the required tools or skills to accomplish the first step in a process. Maybe you are simply feeling resistant to starting which can be common for those of us affected by ADHD.

What do you do?

Skip it!

Yes, if for some reason you can’t accomplish the first few steps in a process, skip them. I think of this as “Skipping the Crawl.” When I was a baby I simply sat. No crawling for me. Six months go by, a year goes by, then two years go by – I have yet to crawl. Then one day when I was a few months over two years old, I stood up and started walking then running.

I never crawled. Ironically, after a back operation when I was 30 years old that went badly, I had to learn to crawl to be able to walk again.

My point is that you don’t always have to start at the beginning if it is not the right place and time for you to start there. I skipped crawling as a child and not only did I learn to walk but I became a professional dancer. You have to walk pretty well to be able to dance. But years later I had to learn to crawl in order to get my body working properly after surgery.

So sometimes you can skip the beginning and if for some reason things change you can always go back and do those beginning steps. What is at issue is being flexible about your entry point to a process. And not worry about how you SHOULD do something. Simply do it the best way for you. That may mean skipping steps or it may mean adding steps. The bottom line is you want to succeed and that comes in many different ways and forms.