Sleep – the bane of people with ADHD’s existence. They can’t fall asleep, are resistant to going to bed, once asleep are very sluggish upon waking up, some suffer from sleep apnea, or a whole host of other difficulties. It can be very frustrating just trying to quiet your mind enough at night to go to sleep. Some of us need medication to sleep which is frustrating because it is one more pill to take and often after awhile you plateau on that med and must switch to a different one to keep the efficacy working.

In other words, sleep is serious business for people affected by ADHD. The irony is that getting enough sleep every night can really help one manage their ADHD symptoms. Once I realized that my chronic pain tired me out and required more rest daily, not only did my mental clarity improve but so did my ability to deal with some of my chronic ADHD symptoms. My body just needs more recharging time than before chronic pain entered my life. I think a parallel can be drawn with ADHD. It can be exhausting dealing with the affects of ADHD in our daily lives so it makes perfect sense we need to devote extra time re-charging ourselves through sleep or other renewing activities.

What activities are renewing to you and help you cope with the symptoms of ADHD?

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