As an ADHD and productivity coach, I work with adults and college students from across the country. They are all struggling. If they were not they wouldn’t have started working with me. In coaching the client is in charge. We talk about what they want to talk about. A lot of times when people call me about getting coaching, they want to know what the answer is for ADHD. Unfortunately, there is no one answer or silver bullet. There is only working on themselves to find ways to manage living with ADHD. I wish there was a magic answer. It would make my life easier as I have ADHD myself.

Life, as it is said, is a work in progress. So is living with ADHD. What may work for you for many months or years may suddenly stop working and you need to find a new way of doing. This is simply a part of living with ADHD. As our life changes so do our needs. Even if our life doesn’t change, what worked for us before may simply stop working. This can be frustrating for those living with ADHD and to the people with whom we live.  Again, unfortunately there is no magic answer.

So, what is to be done?

I wish I knew. Part of being a coach is knowing you don’t have all the answers but luckily the clients often do. With the coach’s help they just need to do a little investigating within themselves to find the answers for now. It is important to understand that answers they find may not be for all time but just for now.

If the difficulties reappear the client needs to investigate again and hope to find new answers. It is also possible that some answers from the past may work again.

The bottom line is that the coach can help but clients are always in charge of their lives.