I wrote this while I was on a plane flying back from a conference in Las Vegas. 

I hate Las Vegas! As a child I would have to come to Las Vegas for conventions my parents had to attend. I found it very depressing because often the hotels had rooms where people could drop off their kids to be watched while they were busy gambling or at a convention. 

What made me sad was that sometimes when my parents came to get me around dinner time, other kids were still there who had been there all day. The next morning when I would come back, the same kids were still there and in the same clothes because their parents had left them there overnight. Luckily these areas often had cots for kids whose parents didn’t show up until the next day.

On the bright side, these set aside rooms had tons and tons of crafts you could do. I loved spending all day making things with the employees encouraging me. So while the kids’ drop place could be depressing, it could also be great fun. I remember feeling conflicted because I was having a grand time while some of the kids were wondering why their parents hadn’t come back for them yet.

“In life,” they often say “you take the good with the bad.” I found this hard when I was young. Now as an adult whenever there is a bad situation I try see if I can make the situation better first but even if I can’t I make sure to force myself to try and find some good in the situation. It is almost always possible to do so and it improves the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.