I am a Washington DC ADHD Coach. You may wonder why I am making this pronouncement. For those of you who have read my blogs for awhile you are aware of this. But like many who live in DC I have recently been getting the inevitable question. So I want to clear it up right now.

“Where are you located?”

“Washington DC.”

“Ya but Maryland or Virginia?”

“Washington DC”

“I know, but are you in Maryland or Virginia?”

“No, actually Washington DC.”

“So you only take phone clients.”

“No, I see people in person, on the phone or over the computer.”

“But how do you see people in person?”

“Well, they drive or take public transportation, some may even walk for all I know.”

“You can park in DC?”


“So where do you park, Maryland or Virginia?”


OK, so I may be exaggerating a bit, but only a teensy bit. In coaching we believe our clients are whole, competent, creative and intelligent people. Sometimes, I get these strange calls where the focus seems not to be about my coaching services but geography and people’s disbelief that people live, work and breath in the district. We even have trees. I was even born here.

Anyway, I rarely rant in my blogs, so I felt it was about time.

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