Many people struggle with procrastination. Sometimes seems it is an epidemic. There are numbers of reasons people procrastinate. A major reason is fear. This fear plays out in many ways. To name just three:

There is the fear that once you start the project or action it is no longer the perfect ideal in your head simply because you are human and perfection is impossible.

There is the fear that you won’t be able to do the project or action properly. Better not to start and continue to think about it.

There is the fear that you can’t complete the project or action. So why bother to start.

Unfortunately, we often don’t know how to stop the fear and get the project or action done because we often don’t realize that fear is what is stopping us. What I find so interesting is that if you don’t start your project or action it will not be perfect, done properly or completed. It is guaranteed failure.

No one can say, “stop being scared” and expect that to relieve someone of their fears. Instead, I approach projects and actions I am procrastinating on with the strong belief that I will not do it perfectly. Maybe, I won’t even do the project or action well. What I can do is simply accept that and free myself of perfectionistic tendencies and simply start.

Starting is hard because we get stuck thinking about the end. Instead simply start with the first step and proceed to the next step with the intention to get to the next step after each step you complete. Do not worry if you can do it. If a step stymies you simply ask for help for that specific step and continue to the next step. This is instead of worrying if you can complete the project or action. Simply follow from one step to the next step and on. This involves putting metaphorical horse blinders on that part of your brain that worries and is anxious regarding the whole project or action.

None of what I am writing is rocket science or anything you don’t already know but sometimes naming things and going out of one’s way to acknowledge them helps us move past them. Focus on one task – the first step.