I have stopped using computer calendars. I know I am committing heresy. The most fundamental reason is that it is quicker. When I am scheduling appointments with my clients, I am always waiting on them while they finish entering the information into their phone, that is after they have opened to the right app.

In my paper calendar there is a page holder/ruler that I move from one week to the next so all I do is open my calendar and I am ready to write.

Another reason I use a paper calendar is because I am a visual learner I believe. And time is not my friend. I find it difficult to estimate how long things will take and how to remember the soft items that need to occur on any particular day. Having a paper calendar that the top half is where my to do tasks are noted and then the bottom half the actual calendar part helps me see when I can fit soft things in between the hard stops of appointments.

When I used a computer calendar, I didn’t like how the soft tasks were visually separate from actual appointments. I also like seeing my week in full when I look at the calendar appointments and to do tasks all in one place for the week.

In addition there was the “fade to black” issue. With my paper calendar, I can have it open all the time at my elbow making it harder to forget things. When I used a computer calendar the screen would fade to black when not in use and I would simply forget what the next appointment or task I was supposed to be doing within moments of the calendar no longer being visible.

There are two drawbacks in using a paper calendar. The first is you have to carry it around in addition to your phone. This is a real drawback, especially because the calendar I use could be considered large but I like all the space to write things down and easily be read.

The second drawback is that once you write something down you can’t erase it so the paper calendar ends up being a mess when plans change. The way around that is that I only write down things in pencil on my calendar so that I can easily make changes.

Finally, another reason I like my paper calendar is because I can look back and easily re-construct days and weeks including “to do” tasks in moments that may have happened a while ago. This is something I do to jog my memory about things.

The calendar I use and I suggest for my clients is called the Planner Pad at http://bit.ly/2uRHiPL. I like the way the page is broken up for hard and soft tasks and appointments. It comes in three sizes. The last few years I have used the middle size but now I have moved to the biggest size because I wanted more space to write.

Whatever you use, paper or computer, the key is to use it consistently. Put everything in it. And check it often.